Asociatia Speranta Pentru Tine

Name of the project: Supporting “Speranta pentru Tine”

Aim and activities: Speranta pentru Tine is a charity that helps relieve the distress of hospitalisation on patients in the Fundeni Paediatric Oncology Hospital. The organisation provides educational and amusement activities, counselling, as well as financial and legal support for the child patients.

Many of the children hospitalised have serious chronic diseases (cancer, leukaemia, kidney failure and tetra paresis, etc.) requiring them to spend long periods of time in the clinic dealing with complex, painful treatments and often with little hope of recovery. All the aspects of their social and intellectual development are suffering as they miss school and interaction with other children. Some patients come from outside Bucharest, and in addition to the distress of the treatment and the illness itself, they have to face separation from their families. This is why Speranta pentru Tine is trying to improve the quality of these children’s lives by creating play and activity rooms in hospitals.

How can you help:

  • Become a volunteer, spend time with the chronically ill children
  • Participate by donating money for the children’s expensive treatment
  • Donate blankets, toys, books
  • Buy gifts made by the children from the charity’s on-line shop
  • Direct 2% of the income tax to the charity’s projects

Visit the organisation’s link: Asociația Speranța Pentru Tine