The PTF, stands for Parents, Teachers, and Friends, and is the reconstituted PTA (Parent-Teacher Association). This board includes both current and past parents of students from IBSB who work alongside the Senior Management Team of IBSB to determine school policy and to help plan and organise school events. The PTF also organise a social calendar of events where parents can meet and socialise with teachers and other parents throughout the school year. These events are all posted in the school Events Calendar on the school website.

We meet normally once each half term, with the dates of the meetings posted in the Events Calendar on the website. All parents receive several emails notifying them of the date of the next PTF meeting well before the meeting takes place with several reminder emails before the meetings. All parents are welcome to attend the meetings with nibbles and drinks provided. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

Minutes from PTF meetings are available on the school website in the Parent’s Area.