Secondary School Prefects

 The IBSB Senior School Prefects play an important role in helping to support both students and teachers in maintaining vibrant life on an around the school campus. Prefects assist new students in their adjustment to life at IBSB; they act as liaisons between students and faculty; they act as ambassadors of the school touring parents around the campus and special events; they are academic mentors for students needing extra help; they are student mentors for students needing extra support or maybe a friend to help them through a difficult time; they monitor the school to ensure that bullying does not take place; and they help the teachers run the school in many areas.

Each Prefect is assigned both a Primary and Senior class to support, which they visit on a regular basis to get to know the students, and in addition to this they also have specific duties, such as being the Editor of TIV, or the Year book, or Science Prefect, or Music Prefect, Lunchroom Prefect, etc. As a part of their function they have fortnightly meetings to discuss the problems that they see arising in the school and then work together as a team to solve these problems. Through regular meetings with the Head of Secondary they also help plan social and educational activities for the school. In this way they function as an integral extension of the faculty and administration.

Prefect selection is open to all Sixth Form Students and is based on academic performance, character, behaviour, and attendance. Students need to have attended IBSB for a minimum of 2 years to apply for a Senior Prefect position.

 Primary School Prefects

 Being given the title and position of Prefect is an honour and a privilege offered to the best, brightest, most talented students in Year 6 willing and able to take on the responsibility. Prefects are required to take on extra duties in addition to their normal studies and extracurricular activities and expected to behave in an exemplary manner at all times, setting the standard by which the other students measure themselves. 

 Primary School Prefects play a crucial role in ensuring the ethos of the school carries across to all areas of school life. They treat all students equally and fairly and work to ensure that the students are cared for and supported. It is important for Primary Prefects to listen to students and to offer help and advice when needed. There may be new students who feel alone or left out and in this situation Primary Prefects take a lead role in making these students feel welcome and included in life and IBSB. In many ways Primary Prefects play a big brother or sister role and look at the student body as an extended family. There should be no favouritism or prejudice; at all times Primary Prefects should appear friendly, approachable, fair and just. In essence, being a Primary School Prefect means representing IBSB in the best way possible and caring for the wellbeing of the students. So, the more a Primary Prefect thinks of others, the better they are fulfilling their role as a Primary School Prefect.

Press here to see the Primary Prefects 10 Point Action Plan for Term 1.

 Please select below either Primary or Secondary to see a full list of prefects for both schools.

Elena U.
Head Girl

Hello, my name is Elena Urzica and I am in my final year at IBSB, year 13. This year I have the honour of being selected as Head Girl, and together with the Deputy Head Girl Emilia Mihaescu, we hope to contribute to the IBSB community and work towards making the school a better place. I am very excited to lead this year’s prefect body, as I am sure we will have a great year and that together we will positively impact on the school community through our actions and involvement. I will also be the mentor for Year 3, and look forward to offering as much help as I can, whether it be academic or related to another situation, to support and better the IBSB student body. I would like to wish everyone a successful year ahead in their endeavours and encourage everyone to make the most of their experience here at IBSB. See you around school!

Emilia M.
Deputy Head Girl

Hi Everyone! I am this year’s Deputy Head Girl and I am honoured to have been chosen for this role. One of my main goals this year to encourage all members of the IBSB community to treat each other with respect and a sense of equality. One of my most memorable experiences last year was working with Light into Europe to support children with disabilities. We prepared an amazingly group of warm, friendly, and talented children with sight and hearing impairment for a drama festival in Cluj, which showed me how much happiness comes from serving and supporting others. I am also a strong advocate of free speech and will always defend my beliefs and the right of others to express theirs. I hope all the students at IBSB have a fruitful year this year and I look forward to seeing many smiles around campus!

Luiza R.
Events Prefect

Hello, my name is Luiza, and this year I will be one of the Senior School Events Prefects. I joined IBSB in 2007 and have always thought it would be a great honour to be a Senior School Prefect and s, therefore very happy to have been offered this chance to give back to the school community. This year, in addition to my Year 12 studies, I will be busy helping to organise the traditional IBSB events, such as the Winter and Valentine’s Balls, and hope to come up with some new ones for you to enjoy and participate in- stay tuned. I will also be a mentor for both the Preschool and Year 2 children, so if you see me buzzing around the main campus, feel free to come up and say hi, or share some ideas and chat about your life at IBSB.

Luca I.
Maths Prefect

Hello! My name is Luca, and this year I have the honour of being the Senior School Mathematics Prefect. I have been in this school for over nine years, in which time I have learned a lot of new skills and had many useful experiences. As the Mathematics Prefect I would like to share the beauty of equations and numbers with the students of IBSB. I am also mentoring year 5E and year 7P, however if anyone encounters any difficulties with mathematics or with school life in general, do not hesitate to come up to me! Apart from that, this year I am taking part in the Duke Of Edinburgh Programme and I am also aspiring in making the school a greener place with the help of the Paper Tree group. I hope that all of you will have a good and fulfilling year!

Jiayi (Siena) X.
Pastoral Care Prefect

Hey, it’s Siena here; this is my 6th year at IBSB, and it’s a pleasure for me to be a Pastoral Care Prefect! I am looking forward to helping everyone and making the school a more united community. I am will also be mentoring the Pre-school and year 4M students. When I first came to this school, the older students were really friendly toward me and since then I have always looked up to them and wished to be like them one day. Over the years I formed many bonds with a lot of different people and aspire to making more and stronger ones. I am also a member of the Duke of Edinburgh Club and of the Paper Tree Group. All in all, I hope that everyone has an amazing year; full of achievements and joy.

Lena S.
Art/TIV Prefect

A warm hello to you, my name is Lena and I will be a senior school prefect performing the roles of both Art Prefect and TIV Editor this academic year (2017-2018). Alongside these duties, I will also have the pleasure of being a mentor for Year 4L and Year 8. I most look forward to being able to help fellow students showcase their creative sides as well as offering support where needed — but most especially inspiring them to continually strive for self-discovery and achievement.

Qian Qian W.
Pastoral Care Prefect

Hello! My name is Qian Qian and I am more than honored to be chosen as a senior prefect at IBSB this year. I will be taking the role of the Pastoral Care Prefect and my goals are to help students who have just arrived to our school but also hear the opinions of the others. I want to reach to as many people as I can by not only answering their questions but also showing them how to easily go through their problems. I am currently in Year 12 and this is only my third year at IBSB. Therefore, I wish to learn more from the experienced ones and help to maintain the delightful traditions of our community! I will also be mentoring Year 1 and Year 5T. I wish everyone a successful academic year and hope to see you around school!

Lisa P.
Science Prefect

I have been a part of the IBSB community for 9 years and now I finally have the privilege of being the school’s Science Prefect! I will also be mentoring one of the year 7 groups and year 9. As the Science Prefect, I believe it is my duty to inspire my colleagues and help them with their journey through the wonders of the scientific world. I will also be taking care of the lab; helping prepare for experiments to be carried out in a safe environment. One of my responsibilities will be I will be planning the Science Fair this year; I am really looking forward to seeing the many projects that will be part of the event! I would encourage you all to ask me for help whenever you see me around school. I highly anticipate this coming year and hope everyone reaches the goals they have set for themselves. Have a productive year everyone!

Raluca S.
Events Prefect

Hi, my name is Raluca and I am honoured to say that I am this year’s Sports Prefect and will be mentoring both the year 10 classes this year. I’ve been a student at IBSB for nearly twelve years and I’ve always dreamed of becoming a Senior Prefect. As the Sports Prefect I’ll be around for events such as Sports Day and House Games and I’ll be there to encourage and support students during their activities. I’ll also be lending an extra helping hand to the Events Prefects as organising large events can be quite daunting. As a Senior Prefect, I hope to be a role model for the school and a positive influence on the students. I’m looking forward to a productive and eventful academic year!